Chef V believes in quality and health when it comes to anything in life, especially in food. Every meal is a celebration of food that is fresh, flavorful and uncomplicated. Chef V wants to take people on a food and culture journey without the jetlag.  

Like art and anything creative, cooking requires some inspiration. For Chef V, it started when she had her three beautiful children. Mirabella, Karina and Stefan ignited her passion for cooking. Chef V created recipes to excite and develop her children’s taste buds. She cooked healthy food by starting with the freshest/best ingredients and finishing with a flavorful dish her family shared every night. 

Chef V’s passion for healthy and beautiful cuisine were further developed through her years of travels. Trained in Cordon Bleu, Paris - France, and coming from a multi-cultural European/Asian background, it comes natural for Chef V to infect people of her passion: educate/globalize people through cooking different types of food from all over the world using the finest and highest quality of ingredients. This is deeply rooted in her and wants nothing more than to share this culinary and cultural knowledge with her family and friends over a beautiful meal. 

When asked, “What sets you apart from other chefs?, Chef V’s replies, “Most good chefs know how to create flavor, but I create flavor responsibly. That means, I do not use butter to help bring out the flavors in food and I do not use a thickening agent like flour in sauces. I would not feed you anything I would not eat myself!” 

My biggest strength and weakness is that I want to convert people to my thinking and lifestyle! 

Chef V celebrates for what happens at the table – the gathering of friends, old and new, sharing stories, honoring the idea of food creating everlasting memories. This, to Chef V is THE pleasure in life!